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I’m a pageant coach, former pageant girl, ​and pageant enthusiast. I’m so excited to

share the lost secrets of pageant poise that helped ​me become a successful Poise and Composure (aka ​evening gown) Award Winner and has also helped ​my clients WIN THE TITLE, PRELIMINARY EVENING ​GOWN AND FITNESS AWARDS.

“This past month Ime has poured all of her “walking ​wisdom” into me and I’m forever grateful!! I won the teen ​preliminary evening gown award last night and I owe it ​all to Ime. “

Successful Walk With Ime Client

Teen Titleholder 2024

Get Power Poised Now

You’re A Smart Queen...

You’ve done the math.

That’s why you’re working with Mweni at Mock With ​Me to IMPROVE YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS.

And although you know that “Pageants Are Won In ​The Interview Room.”...

Serious contenders know that the lost art of “Poise ​Seals The Deal”.

What’s keeping YOU from the crown?

Unpolished Poise Is Holding You Back

I know, queen.

You want to MAKE AN UNFORGETTABLE ​IMPRESSION during every phase of ​competition, but there’s a dilemma...

Pageant Girl Problem 1

You’re a first-time pageant girl who’s eager to ​do well, but you have no idea where to begin.

Pageant Girl Problem 2

You’re an experienced pageant girl seeking ​ways to improve, BUT the lack of actionable ​feedback leaves you questioning and ​doubting yourself with every additional loss.

Pageant Girl Problem 3

You’ve competed on stage before but the idea ​of wearing heels, modeling an evening ​gown, fitness wear, or swimwear makes ​you feel awkward.

Pageant Girl Problem 4

You don’t know the Fundamentals of Poise ​and Presentation.

Poise Is A Lost Art.

But You Need It To Win.

Pageants are magnets for talented, high-caliber ​queens of all ages...

That means the level of competition can be ​fierce.

For the experts tasked with judging your ​competition, small details in poise are what ​separate good from the great.

I understand the crucial nuances necessary to ​secure that coveted crown.

Walk With Ime.

Step Into Success.

Are you ready to command the stage, captivate the ​judges, and leave an impactful impression?

Look no further than Walk With Ime, your go-to ​destination for one-on-one virtual coaching that ​transforms you into a walking powerhouse!

Command the Stage with Confidence

I am dedicated to teaching you the art of poise and ​commanding attention the moment you step onto the ​stage.

Master the Fundamentals of Poise

Learn the secrets of pageant poise with precision and ​finesse. From the perfect posture to the subtle ​nuances of facial expressions, my sessions cover every ​aspect that contributes to an unforgettable presence. ​Elevate your walk to an unparalleled level of ​sophistication that sets you apart from the ​competition.

Pacing and Timing

Learn when to pause, when to shine, and how to leave ​a lasting impression. Nail the art of strategic pacing ​and timing, ensuring the judges are captivated with ​every stride you take.

Walk into interviews, appearances, and public ​engagements with the same poise that makes you a ​formidable force on the stage.

“Walk With Ime” Sessions

Are For You If...

  • You want your stage presence elevated ​from average to awesome, fast.

  • You’re serious about practicing your way ​to the top.

  • You want your on-stage presence to ​match the strength of your stellar ​interview.

  • You’re a coachable queen who is open to ​constructive feedback.

  • You’re tired of traveling miles and miles ​to compete for yet another local title. ​Ugh!

  • You’re 100% focused on being the next ​Mrs., Miss, Teen, or Princess Queen.

“Walk With Ime” Sessions

Are NOT For You If...

  • You are in pageantry for the experience ​and are not serious about winning.

  • You are super busy with other activities ​and can not devote ample time to ​practice.

  • You don’t need help because you’ve ​placed or been awarded before and can ​get to the crown on your own.

  • You’re unwilling to apply the tools that ​will help you drastically improve.

  • You have plenty of money to blow on ​travel expenses and pageant entry fees ​when you have to compete multiple ​times.

What Titleholders Are Saying

“This has changed my life”

I love Walk With Ime. I have ​become so much more poised, ​not just on the pageant stage but ​in my everyday life. Mock With Me ​and Walk With Me together truly ​make the perfect team that ​elevates all areas of competition.

Miss Steven’s Point ​WI 2023

Allison W.

“Walking away with the title was ​insane.“

I was on calls with Ime and Mweni 1-3 times a week ​working on walking and interviews. I just felt the MOST ​prepared walking into my pageant and in the right ​mindset going into it.

And walking away with the title was insane.

I walked away with the evening gown prelim teen award ​as well. Which was a super big accomplishment for me ​because I'd never done that before, ever in my life, won ​a walking award (evening gown, fitness, etc). And I owe ​that to Ime because she helped me walk with poise and ​CORRECTLY for pageants.

It was so super cool to walk away with it.

Successful WWI Client and Teen Titleholder

What Pageantry Experts

Are Saying

"I was lucky enough to witness the actual ​coaching and I was AMAZED by it. Ime is ​the ULTIMATE coach."

Mweni Ekpo

Veteran Pageant Judge ​and Former Titleholder

Founder, “Mock With Me”

Walk with Ime

Strong Arm Muscles

Power Poised Modeling

High Heel Illustration

Elevate Your Scores

My 1-on-1 coaching sessions ensure that every step ​you take is a statement, and every movement ​embodies elegance.

Receive personalized attention, focusing on your ​unique strengths and areas of improvement.

Learn my “F5 Framework” that covers the ​“Fundamental Five” techniques regarding your face, ​pace, frame, feet, and elements of flare proven to ​ELEVATE YOUR PRESENCE during all phases of ​competition including fitness/swimwear, evening ​gown, on-stage questions, AND the interview room, ​where poise is often overlooked.

My “Power Poised” modeling/walking sessions are ​designed to:

  • Develop Strength and Control
  • Improve Balance
  • Straighten Posture
  • Refine Walking
  • Instill Grace
  • Boost Confidence
  • Enable You to Command The Stage

Your invesment includes:

  • A complimentary copy of your session recording
  • A post-session written Style Guide based on your ​style selections.

“Power Poised” Package

Three 60-minute Zoom Modeling Sessions


$30 Savings



“Power Poised”

One 60-minute Zoom Modeling Session



The Commanding Presence

Wardrobe and Style

Dress on a Wooden Hanger
woman hairstyle silhouette

BECOME A SHOWSTOPPER with elevated looks ​representing your style, accentuating your natural ​beauty, and flattering you MOST.

In my e “Commanding Presence” session, I am able ​to help you:

  • Select a game-changing hairstyle
  • Enhance competition makeup
  • Shop for competition and appearance wardrobe
  • Dress rehearse your wardrobe, ensuring proper fit ​and recommending alterations as needed
  • Select accessories

Your investment includes:

  • A complimentary copy of your session recording
  • A post-session written Style Guide based on your ​style selections.

“The Commanding Presence” Power Package

Three 60-minute Zoom Style Sessions


$30 Savings



“The Commanding Presence”

One 60-minute Zoom Style Session




*Any “Walk wit Ime” session includes complimentary reco​rdings of our time plus a post-session plan.

Payments are accepted via PayPal or card


Cancellation Policy

If for some reason, your session is cancelled by Ime Ekpo, you will have the option to either r​eceive a full refund or re-schedule your session to a future date.

I​f you cancel your appointment or fail to attend, you will have the option to re-schedule for a f​uture date; however, a refund will not be granted. All sales are final.

“Mock With Me”

Mock with Me helps smart, ambitious ​aspiring candidates achieve winning ​confidence through online mock interview ​practice sessions that are easy to schedule ​and easy on the wallet.

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